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I didn't know it could be this bad


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We had the absolute worst work today. Well, at the end it was okay, but my lord, I just wanted to throw my hands up. First, she was off for 2 weeks. Second, she and another were in a fight this morning (my fault), which is what woke me up. Third, there is crusty snow, and I knew at home she was reticent to move around on it, and I saw blood where she walked the other day.


So, today she is keen as usual.. Does some okay outruns, a little tight, but came up short- she doesn't usually do this. Then, a couple of times she would not go- well, I made her- she wanted one way, not the other. I finally started seeing a pattern to her behaviour- she would go well when she could be on the grass, not the crust, and would aim for that. It even worked to our favor a few times, as in leaving me nicely at 90 degrees. I finally realized it was doing neither of us any good trying to work around this- her feet really hurt, and to her credit, she still tried- well, she could have tried harder.. So, I moved her to another field with no snow, and she was pleased as can be to do her nice outruns.


The thing is, we have been off for two weeks, and I should have realized that back sliding might occur, and that this snow was not good to work her on- she has no hair between her feet. I checked her feet, and her stop pads have vertical cuts up them- can't see to well the other pads, and she was hesitant to jump out of the truck.


Well, I can only pray that things are better next time around :rolleyes:

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