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I haven't been on here in a long time. I guess I feel kind of ashamed to show my face in here nowadays. I had to give away my heeler/border collie mix and I have just been feeling terrible about it. I had a place to keep both of my dogs and had everything worked out. Since I am leaving for Basic training next month, I had it worked out that my folks were going to take care of both of my dogs for me and they had no problem with it. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away and my parents decided to take in her dog instead of finding a new home for it (which I completely understand!). I made a tough choice. I didn't want to dump the responsibility on them of caring for five dogs while I was gone (their two, my grandma's, and my two). So, I found a new home for my puppy to ease their burden. I completely trust the people I gave her too and I can see her all the time. She has an excellent, active family and I know she will be happy. I just feel so guilty about it. Even though I only had her for a short time, I loved that pup. I just feel like a terrible pet owner especially after having worked for a humane society-I now feel like I am no better than other owners who drop off their unwanted pets. Here is one of my last pictures I had taken of her (I miss you Gracie!):




Spirit is doing very well. He has become adjusted to hanging out with my folk's dog pack and enjoys having a huge fenced in backyard to play in all day long with them. Our older dogs have even become more active with him around. Lately his primary job has been accompanying me on hikes down by the river which he thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to stretch his legs and run. I just can't wait to be back out at the stables horseback riding with him this summer. Hopefully this fall we will start agility training. Hmm, I just realized I have no new pictures on this computer of him so this is an oldie.



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There is a world of difference between someone like you, who has found a wonderful new family for your dog, and a person who "drops off their unwanted pet". Life happens, and things can happen to any of us that may make it impossible to keep a loved pet. It's how we respond to that situation that makes the difference.


One of our dogs, Megan, was an impulse buy and in a caring but unsuitable situation. Her owner realized his mistake and was concerned enough to find her a new family that could and would provide her with a loving environment that would be suitable to her nature and needs. He did the responsible thing at the time he understood that he couldn't provide her with the right environment, we have a much-loved dog in our pack, and she appears grateful every day for her new home. It's a win-win situation.


Don't feel guilty. Your dogs are in good hands and suitable situations, and in loving homes. To rehome a pet either because of a change in your circumstances or for the pet's benefit, is nothing to be ashamed of. It's not "dumping" to work out a change that is beneficial to all.


Best wishes in your training, and for you, your dog, and pup's futures!

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I agree with Sue. You did the right thing by taking it upon yourself to find her a new, wonderful, active, loving home. The responsible choice. You said that you worked for a shelter, those people that give up their dogs or cats because they didn't like them, or they didn't match their furniture, or they weren't cute anymore or even, they have known for the last 6 months that they had to move, but didn't bother finding a suitable home are the irresponsible ones. You did the best you could, and I am sure every one will benefit in the end! AND you can still see her!

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