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Another Moss video


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From the other thread (thought i'd start a new one):


The issues you had with Moss are very similar to the issues I've encountered with Eve, except I'm pretty sure her flaws are tied in to mine as a handler. She does a lot of diving and gripping, not hard like Moss, but it still flusters the stock. I'm thinking it's just a lack of confidence, and I probably add to the tension by getting tense myself in anticipation for an explosion of sheep all around me.


I decided to go ahead and make the video of Moss working 1 month ago public for the sake of showing what HUGE difference a month can make with a young dog. In the other thread, Marilyn T questioned whether the change i was seeing in Moss could be attributed to 30 more days of maturity vs changes in how i was working him. I have to say after thinking on it more and going back to this video that i think the extra maturity probably has contributed significantly, along with working him a bit differently.


So, here you go, the not quite ready for prime time version of Moss:



to be compared with the new and improved Moss. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for sharing! It's really nice to see a BC progress from puppy to adult on stock and not just see the finished product on video.


Looks like Frankie and Sage this fall :rolleyes: They were terrible, always wanting to grip. I put them up for a month and when I tried them again they would at least let go with a sharp "Ah!" I really think it's the time to mature that is making the difference with my boys.


Here is Sage diving in for some wool...




Sage with blood in his mouth from biting his own tongue while gripping.





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Robin - Thanks for sharing this! I appreciate having the audio so that I can hear what you are saying to Moss and your tone of voice, whether it's praise and encouragement or a brief correction. That is so helpful.

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