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Loosing confidence in catching his sheep

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I have a 3 yr old BC who I have trialed very little, however, I take him to a reliable

trainer faithfully once a week. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get

him back on track. He always look back at me and does not want to continue his

outrun. He either stops or decides to eat sheep poop, etc.

Your advice would greatly be appreciated. :rolleyes:

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This does not sound good I'm afraid.


Being a farm dog is not a hard thing. The dog needs to do something a few times a day that he has done before in a familiar environment with stock he knows. Most border collies excel at this.


Being a trial dog is very difficult. It requires learning a lot of stuff, the immediate usefulness of which may elude the dog. It requires practicing things the dog already knows. In total its hard and requires a dog with a lot of drive and desire to work.


Not all of the dogs have this. Some few fortunate ones are born with the full package. Others need help developing the work ethic necessary to succeed.


Your dog does not sound as if she is enjoying her work or has confidence in what she is doing.


You need to put the joy back into the work. I would suggest small easy stuff to build her confidence and work with minimal commands and instruction. Let her find her own way and see if working more on her own helps her to find more joy in the work.


It may be that she does not have the personality needed to be a trial dog with fairly mindless practice (which most practice is never doubt the dogs know they are practicing). But if she is going to come around it will take a bit of time and you will always need to remember that this tendency to become bored or disenchanted with her work is there and have a care it doesn't occur again.



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