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Bailey's update- pound rescue

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Got Bailey at the pound- Don't know if she's a keeper or a rescue. I won't post more pics until her coat is more improved. But here's her one week report.

The owner turn in report is NOT accurate-

Gets along with dogs-yes...............NO!!!!! Working on the growling and teeth. She is only aggressive about space issues and toys- she gets them one at a time and "hoards" them around her while she growls at Usher-


Apparently Bailey was with a one dog person- each time and not socialized around other dogs.


Get along with cats- the form says NO

she's great- met 4 cats today, no problem, but alas, another dog fight with neighbors dog. At least the other female stood her ground at her own house, yet lost- no blood.


Her poop is not orange anymore. :rolleyes: It's now firm and looking good (as far as poop goes)

She was never leash trained- that's working out with just stopping when she pulls and waiting until she stops pulling and walking.

Apparently- one of her two owners loved her and one did NOT- She flinches when you raise your hand or go to pet her on the face, YET.... she rides well in a car, passenger side (in the back) window -loves the window open, I don't do that- but nose prints tell the truth-

She knows the commands GET DOWN when jumping on you instead of OFF. She knows sit and LIE DOWN is NOT an immediate lie down, to her it means "go chill"

Tug Toy- was her favorite. She speaks on command and barks at the doorbell. Chases the tennis ball, yet doesn't bring it all the way back.

After a week, She is getting excited when I break out the leash, knows where the park is. Is on a schedule, takes her pills AM & PM gets treats occasionally until we see about her diet.

The ONLY thing keeping her back from finding her forever home is her socialization. Took her to the dog park today. Kept her on the long line just in case. She did fine, but noticed she had about 7 tennis balls lined up around her. Hording them again. When we entered, they said What a wonderful border collie- and what is that other dog mixed with? They meant Usher LOL. Stupid people. If they don't look like "FLY" from the movie "Babe" they aren't a BC.

I'll keep you updated on "pudge" the low thyroid BC about to be PTS BC" PLUS- I might owe a few of you some checks- LOL.


P.S. Had her around my BF this week-end and still can't tell if she was a man's dog or a woman's dog. Hmmmmm. The list said OK with older teens. I took her to D&B and PetSmart to look at toys and watched her as an 8 year old approached. She was great.

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Keep up the great work!! I'm working on poop issues with the dog I found friday, also. Her's was brown but like pea soup consistency. I didn't feed her till 12 hours after she stopped squirting then gave her canine ID and she pooped normal - now she's doing fine in that aspect.


Marble (that's what my daughter named her) has a horrible coat, too. It's very thin and dry and scratched out in several places. I got the fleas and flies off of her and she stopped itching. What are you doing to improve Bailey's coat?


Marble apparently hasn't been leashed trained, either. Her only issue about space so far seems to be that she doesn't understand that others might want some space. She's constantly up my dog's rear end for attention. I'm finding out exactly how tolerant my Stormy is, let me tell you!!


Keep posting updates!!



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With Bailey's coat, first of all, she's on the low thyroid pill. Thyrozine .6 2X per day I feed her what I've fed my 7 other BC's before- Nutro natural choice lamb & rice. It would be cheaper for me to feed raw, but I don't like the mess. I don't even add supplements. Usher has a very shiny coat, is healthy and muscular and bright eyed and bushy tailed- LOL. I know a lot of people don't like this food, but I have used it from puppy to senior and my dogs live to (the youngest died at 15 1/2) to over 17 years. Soooo. ....I can't say much bad about it. When my dogs were working and believe me I'm old!!! I used to put a tablespoon of lard in their food. Kept their coats shiny, but I wouldn't recommend this on everyone, certainly not Bailey!! She is miss porker. But that brings out a nice shiny coat. Usher just eats his dry food and gets a good brushing. In fact, he hasn't had a bath in 6 months and he stinks.

WHEN Usher gets a bath, I use Mane & Tail shampoo & conditioner.

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How funny, that's exactly the food that I use!!!! The natural choice lamb and rice from Nutro... small bites- do you use the small bites?


I do, however, use some supplements. I use dinovite and I also feed a raw egg once in while and usually give him some ground up turkey as well.


I mentioned the dog I found on Friday... her coat has already become shiny- and it does feel a bit softer. Four days and there's already a difference that my friend that was with me on Friday has already noticed it. Poor dog, seems like she's trying so hard to fit in here and not tick anyone off :rolleyes: I keep telling her that we will find her a very loving home. My dog finds her to be somewhat annoying but he's pretty well behaved about it.



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