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New Working Aussie Source diary entry by Kay Spencer


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Well, let me first say that in *no* way do I wish to start an argument, but I personally found the essay at the following link to be very interesting, and I wanted to post it here because I think many of you might find it to be so, as well:




In case the link expires (entries change every week), scroll down: the essay in question is titled "Chapter 100: Pygmalion."


The essay's author, Kay Spencer, is the owner of workingaussiesource.com, a site dedicated to the preservation of the working Australian Shepherd. If you haven't been to the site before, it's definitely worth a click--the "Stockdog Libarary" is chock-full of training articles for all stock dogs (not just Aussies and other loose-eyed breeds). Anyway, Ms. Spencer just posted this essay in her "Working Dog Diary," and I think it makes several thought-provoking points about why breeding for the purpose of the conformation ring is destined to fail, regardless of the type of dog, and in doing so, I think this essay also embodies a lot of the sentiments I have seen expressed on this board, as well. I'm curious to know what you think...anyway, hope you enjoy.

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