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oxfam buy a sheep for $45.00


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I like Heifer Project International - you can buy a sheep here, too. http://www.heifer.org/site/c.edJRKQNiFiG/b.204586/ I like how much more directed the funds-for-services go at Heifer - many other orgs have their fingers in tons of humanitarian pies. Nothing wrong with that, but it's nice to have other options, too.


My kids did shoeboxes for Franklin Graham's dealibob - it's a really concrete thing for kids to realize that even crayons and paper are precious things to kids in many other countries. They've been a bit more careful with their own art supplies since then, not as much of a tendency to lose them willy-nilly (where do all those crayons go, anyway? :rolleyes: ).


This is kind of not a "livestock management" topic though, right? Maybe we could get it moved and talk about more charitable gift ideas. :D

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