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I once visited a friend's farm and her young Border Collie jumped in the back of my van while we were inside chatting. I came out to leave, closed the hatch, and headed home. It was almost an hour drive and many times I would stop for a meal on the way home, but thank goodness I didn't that time - it was in the nineties and he would certainly have overheated locked in the hot car for even a few minutes.


For some reason he just lay back there quietly, enjoying the ride, until about 45 minutes into the trip. At that point, I saw his head pop up to look out the rear window. I was so used to seeing my own dogs ride back there, that it took me maybe as long as a minute to remember I hadn't taken any dogs along that trip.


Since no harm had been done, I had the fun of teasing my friend when I called to ask her whether she knew where her dog was.

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Oh yeah. Been there.


I was on a backpack trip last summer, and at one point the trail crossed a logging road where there was a car parked with a couple of people in it. I stopped to talk with the people, and after a minute I realized my dog had disappeared. A quick search turned up this happily snoozing border collie deep in their open trunk (boot):



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