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My 9 month old puppy Hammie just took his 3rd herding lesson. The first two were good. He showed lots of interest, circled the sheep and moved them around the pen a bit. However, if one would break away, he would go after it and forget about the others, and most of the time he was the one breaking it away. The sheep also wanted to hug the fence and my pup wasn't sure what to do about it and there was no way he was going in between the sheep and the fence, so I had to help him.


Well, Sunday at his lesson, it was like something clicked. Whenever one would break away, and not his doing this time, he went after it and brought it back to the rest of the flock. He was also able to get the sheep off of the fence by himself a few times this time, and he went between the sheep and fence to make them move. I know these are just little things and he has a long way to go, but I was, and am, really proud of him and just wanted to share.




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Way to go, Hammie! It sounds like he's making good progress. You should be proud.


A couple of lessons ago, Jack had a breakaway, twice. He went out and brought the sheep back without chasing or gripping, either time. I was grinning from ear to ear, so I totally understand your excitement. Baby steps are still steps. :rolleyes:

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