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So the owners of the farm i manage have a pet cow...short horned heriford. He is now about 3 years old, was to be harvested but they fell in love with him...


Right now I have him on cattle grain and hay. He gets round bales in the winter, but right now is one the same hay as the horses. He goes through a lot!!


I was just wondering if anyone had a rough estimate of how much he "should" be getting and of what kinds since now he is a long term pet. He looks great and has us trained!! Any info would help since I am more used to horses and not cows!



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No idea about the food question, sorry. :D But if he's a "he," then he's either a steer (the bovine version of a gelding) or a bull (a bovine stallion). Cow is the bovine equivalent of a mare. So cows are always "she"s. :D


I just didn't want you to inadvertently hurt his/her feelings by calling her/him the wrong gender. :D Lovely critter. Is s/he all alone? I ask because my trainer has one steer, and he's pretty stir-crazy. Always trying to escape and get in with the sheep. And sometimes, like today, he succeeds! :rolleyes:

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We usually always call him "the Bull" but he is a steer. Not so up on the bovine lingo...


He is by himself but he is right next to the horses. If he didn't have horns, he would be in with the horses. He is in this paddock because he did escape his other paddock in the early summer so we just put him there. He will be going back to his paddock on the other side of the river for the winter....moving him is fun, we do it with just a carrot stick and a bucket of grain....he loves to run and kick when we let him out..


ya, big pet!

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