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Lili's GME

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Lili (8)was diagnosed with GME a year ago and she's still going strong. Her diagnosis was the main reason I joined this forum - to get some guidance and insight and I'd like to thank all of you that have assisted us this past year.


She still stumbles a little and isn't as fast but she still loves to play, play, play and that brings a smile to our faces every day. She goes for her booster shots every 6 weeks (twice a day for two days in a row) and the doctors are very impressed with her continued progress. She's put on some weight but that's to be expected with the meds from what I understand.


We keep an eye on her constantly but we try to allow her to be a dog. She can't jump up on the bed anymore so we help her up and she's happy to snuggle next to her Papa for the night. But she's never far from a toy and loves chasing/pestering her sister Rudi!


A sincere thank you to everyone on this forum - it was my guiding light during a rough patch last year. Now I just enjoy all the photos and stories about all the wonderful Border Collies out there they we all love so very much.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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I'm so glad she's doing well. This board has been a life saver for me, too. Lots of great people on here with some good ideas. I did my share of lifting my old dog off and on the bed. Wouldn't have it any other way, she gave me so much love, it was my job to pay it back. Keep us informed on how she's doing.

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Thanks for your good wishes for Lili's continued good health (knock on wood!).


Her next round of shots are just before Thanksgiving and she usually slows down a little just a week to 10 days before. But once she's had even her first shot of the series - she's full of pep and goes full speed ahead!


Thanks again!

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