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Is he a cat or a dog?

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We are first time bc owners (Tasman is 1 on Saturday). My husband thinks that Tasman is like a cat; he's always nuzzling/nudging up to us for a pat, he likes to be stroked like a cat - he closes his eyes and blisses out when we stroke him. He doesn't purr but is not far off.....


Other dogs we know don't seem to be quite as enamoured with being patted as he does.

Is this a bc thing? We're curious. :rolleyes:

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Thats SO Wolfie! He will snuggle up next to you (a big lap dog) and when you stop petting him, he leans his big head on your chest and looks up at you with his big brown eyes. While the other dogs just-give the paw-Wolfie is a big suck up!!

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My Black Jack is the same way. He loves his snuggles. He'll do anything for more attention. He loves to come up to the chair like he's saying hi, then when you reah down to pet him Boom he's on your lap :rolleyes: If he can't do that he'll hug you arms with his paws so you can't let go. It's so cute.


He has those brown eyes down pat too :D

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