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How do you tell if a BC is depressed or just "laid back"?

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We just returned from a five day overseas vacation, and left Cody in the capable care of a friend at their horse farm. Cody spent his days running around, playing with the kids who were there for riding lessons, chasing the barn cats, and generally got himself exhausted and dirty every day. Sounds like perfect dog vacation days, right?


So now he's home again. Back to 4-6 hours being left in an enclosed indoor area by himself. However, lots of attention, walks, runs in the mornings and evenings. Lots of love, hugs, pats, games, ball time in between, as usual.


But he just looks sad. He greets us enthusiastically but not the same "OMYGOSHYOU'REHOMEI'MSOEXCITED" greeting we used to get. My daughter calls him over to play, roll, etc. on the floor, he does for a few moments but then walks away to lie down.


He's eating fine, looks healthy, has lots of energy for walks and runs. Just seems like he's not happy.


Can dogs get depressed like this? It makes me feel guilty that he's "stuck" with us and not being some happy farm dog.

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