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Dogtoberfest for those in the KC area

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Dang I will be out of town for the weekend (the trout are running down on the White river,can't miss that) looks like it will be a fun event.

The DW said she might take a couple of our monkeys and go check it out though.

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Man I wish I could come. Black Jack and I would love to go to something like that.

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It was very fun. I took Ham, my BC pup, and Nick, the ACD/BC pup I am fostering and they both had a great time. They had a sheep herding demo, frisbee competitions, dock diving, agility, all kinds of booths with doggie treats and everything else dog. They also had lots of rescue groups their with their dogs. I didn't see MO-KAN BCR. There were hundreds of people there and every breed of dog. And, they raised tons of food for the shelters.


But, I am really posting this to ask IronHorse if he has been to Bennit Springs. We drove down there this summer to check out the fly fishing. It is really beautiful and they have a big trout farm where you can walk around and see the fish, and feed them if you want. Be careful though, it will make you hungry :rolleyes:

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Yep we go down to Bennet Springs quite often, they have some nice trails and during the off season its normally very quiet and the dogs love it.We were just down there last month.

I don't fish it much because I'm not a big fan of hatchery fish and I hate the crowds during the season,,I fish down on the White river where you can catch native rainbows and big browns,alot more fight in the fish,plus it helps that one of my uncle's has a place right on the North Fork with a private runway so we land on his place and can be fishing in about 1 1/2 hours from my place.He always knows the hot spots to hit and what they are hitting on,I landed a 20lb brown trout out of the White this past weekend, it was a rush :rolleyes:,but hes still in there for the next angler.

If you enjoy Bennet Springs you should take a day trip down to Roaring River SW of Springfield on the Arkansas border,,,,they have a hatchery there as well and very nice area,especially this time of yr when the fall colors are peaking.

We normally make a weekend trip of it and go on down to Eureka Springs,spend the night and do abit of shopping and dining,goof off down on Beaver lake with the dogs for a day.Really a nice weekend trip through some of the best of the Ozarks.

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