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This is an article from the Coos County Democrat, from Lancaster, New Hampshire. You have to subscribe to see it online, so I jsut copied and pasted, which doesn't get the photos.




Get out and… Visit Dog Mountain


The Dog Chapel includes the foyer, where visitors can sign a guestbook, and the chapel itself, with its colorful stained glass windows. Canine-inspired rugs are scattered around the floor, the pews have carved dog end-pieces, and the walls are covered with thousands of photos and cards from proud owners celebrating their pooches' lives and habits.


10/03/2007 - ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. - What better way to spend a gorgeous fall afternoon than with your favorite canine friend at artist Stephen Huneck's 400-acre property in St. Johnsbury that is known as Dog Mountain.


Carved dog heads adorn a series of pillars outside the Gallery at Dog Mountain.


On Saturday afternoon, several dogs and their owners had made the trek to Dog Mountain where they were welcomed in the Gallery, visited the Chapel and were able to roam about on a piece of property that includes scenic trails, a couple of ponds and an area fitted out with various pieces of playground equipment, all with dogs in mind.


Mr. Huneck created the Dog Mountain chapel, says a brochure given to visitors, as "a place where people can go and celebrate the spiritual bond they have with their dogs. It is the largest artwork of my life and my most personal."


The Dog Chapel is a tiny building - just a foyer and the chapel itself - but the high ceiling and lovely stained glass windows give it a spacious feeling. The front doors even include a small dog door. Dogs are welcome inside, along with their owners, many of whom pin photographs and words of love and appreciation for their pets on the interior walls of the building. Music appropriate for a church plays on a nearby recorder, whilst people and pets stroll around, sit in the pews adorned with dog carvings, and revel in being in a spot dedicated to man's best friend.


Mindy, a toy poodle, and her owner, from Claremont, N.H., were visiting the Northeast Kingdom on Saturday to take in some foliage, and Mindy's owner said she was delighted to find Dog Mountain on the Internet and be able to take this side excursion. They both spent some time in the Chapel, where Mindy eagerly greeted visitors.


In the bright and airy Gallery, dozens of Mr. Huneck's wood-block prints are displayed on the walls, along with carvings of dogs, and a few cats, in many poses. A woodcarver creates the animals to the exacting specifications of Mr. Huneck's designs, said the gal manning the counter. Also for sale are unframed prints, the many books that Mr. Huneck has written that feature his dogs, and t-shirts and mugs. Even the bathroom has a doggy theme, with canine carvings on the toilet paper and paper towel holders, and doggy-print curtains. Dog dishes filled with water are scattered about, along with a water cooler for their human friends.


The views of the Vermont hills are spectacular at Dog Mountain. A life-sized carving of a Great Dane stands on the front porch of the gallery. Note the Daschund handrailing.


Outdoors, the sun shines, the Vermont hills beckon in all their fall-clad colors, and dogs romp across the hill next to the Chapel and Gallery. What a perfect day.


The views of the Vermont hills are spectacular at Dog Mountain. A life-sized carving of a Great Dane stands on the front porch of the gallery. Note the Daschund handrailing.


Dog Mountain is located at 143 Parks Road, just off of Spaulding Road, which is off of Route 2 in St. Johnsbury. Call 1-800-449-2580 or (802) 748-2700 for more information, or visit www. huneck.com. The site is open year round, Monday through Saturday from 10 to 5, and Sunday from 11 to 4. It is free.

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