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My darling rescue Jack (age 2-3), whom I adopted in April, with agility classes and lots of exercise and hard work on my part and my husbands has turned into an absolute joy - almost all of the time. He gets long walks mornings and evenings and prefers to be outdoors rather than indoors. We have dog sat over weekends and having company doesn't seem to reduce the barking. He was in doggy daycare for awhile, but he couldn't stay as he was starting fights with other male dogs. He is good with most dogs, especially in smaller groups, but apparently had some mortal enemies he wouldn't back down from.


Now he is home during the day while I am at work and I find sometimes at certain times of the day he is outside barking and barking. He stops if I shout, but only temporarily. He doesn't bark in the house where I have more control. Of course the easy solution is to keep him in more, but he loves being in the yard (probably because he can bark :rolleyes:. It seems that he finds the barking a lot of fun and I am sorry that I do not enjoy it as much as he does. And it is true that the magpies taunt him mercilessly and he is left with no recourse but to voice his disgust.


In conclusion, while his barking is not a big issue right now (I know from being home that he sleeps most of the day), it would be nice to keep it to a minimum. I do realize that it is part of dog life, but if anyone has any advice to moderate this behaviour I would be most appreciative.

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What I have found to be true with dogs in general, is that they do indeed enjoy the great outdoors and all of the smells and sights it offers, but first and foremost, the majority of them enjoy being with their people the most.


My guess, with the limited background information that I read in your post, is that it is quite likely that Jack wants to you to come outside WITH him, and so he is "attention barking".


I would recommend spending more frequent but short periods of interactive time outdoors with him (but don't do it in response to him nagging or barking - it must be your idea!) and just try keeping him inside when you cannot be out with him (other than short periods of time, such as a potty break of course). If this does not curb the barking behavior, you will at least be outside when it starts and you will then be able to get a better handle on what IS causing it. Then you'll be in a better position to form a plan or get advice on resolving the behavior.


The problem with ignoring it or allowing him to continue this behavior is not only that it annoys people, but it becomes habitual and self-rewarding for the dog.


I know how incredibly annoying and difficult to handle the barkers can be; I had a foster with barrier aggression who would fence run and bark like a crazy dog every time I let him out. I had to leash walk the dog inside my fenced in yard to keep him from practicing that behavior. If it's any consolation, I was eventually able to desensitize him...it took about 6 months.


God Bless you for rescuing; Good luck and keep us posted!

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Mine's only a puppy, but Charlie hates to be left out. when I put him in his crate he crys and barks (and is quite loud) I think he idealy would like me to be outside with him, but is fine where ever he is as long as it's with someone. He's a people dog.

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Thank-you. I hadn't thought about it from that point of view. It also makes sense that he seems to do it more when he knows I am home vs. when I arrive through the front door occaisonally during the day when I am usually out and he is just sleeping in the backyard.

I will try to do what you suggested.

I also just started to read this book called "The Other End of the Leash" and the author has some good advice about barking. It was on a recommended reading list in this forum and so far I am really enjoying it.

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I forgot to add that he is only starting to be happier inside with us than outside. We think he must have grown up as an outdoor dog as when we first got him he was uneasy inside and didn't like to be indoors for any period of time. He would pace and beg at the back door continuously to get out.

That is gradually changing and more and more he would prefer to be inside with us, which is great as we love to have him inside with us and the Canadian winter is about to start up meaning he will have to be spending a lot of time inside whether he likes it or not :rolleyes:

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