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The Loudoun CO shelter just rang me to tell me they have a male BC stray brought in.


I'm going down to look after I get Taz on the bus.


Please will you send me a pic of your boy?


paxamicus at . earthlink . net

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They just rang me back. The dog was actually female and was claimed by her owners. I'm sorry.







Apparently someone found her, not him, wandering on the other side of town this morning and someone snagged her up and called the shelter.


The shelter called me and gave me the number of the person who had the dog but she had to leave, so she dropped the dog off at the shelter. I told them I'd come as soon as I put Taz on the bus.


In the meantime, her neighbours called the shelter to report their missing dog and somehow in the last half hour, it was all resolved.


I am so sorry to get your hopes up.

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That's OK, you guys ROCK...I did make contact with the shelter and made a report with them...talked to the manager and attendant. They will keep my report current for 45 days....

Apparently they are not a petfinder lister. They have two cute young Border Collies on their web-site. I don't know why I hadn't made a report with them before.

And it's good to know that people actually DO call the shelter when they find a dog.

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