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Update on Zipper and need some advice

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Hey, So i havnt been around here much as i been busy with Zipper and work and Zipper and Zipper again. HE is the dumest smartest dog I have ever seen lol. So Zipper is doing awesome he is 9 months old on the 28th so next month he will be 10 months old, hes grew so fast and got big and strong. i cant believe he is almost 1 years old and i cant believe i had him 7 months already. So Zipper is doing great, we are having some tough times with tricks, he just wont learn any more, I got him to sit, shake and lay but he isnt learning roll over wave or anything, i been teaching him roll over for a few momnths but he just wont get it, He knows what it is as sometimes he will do it but most of the time he wont. when i tell him to roll over he jumps up from laying down. then he does the strangest thing, he licks like the bed and all, when we lay on my bed he will lick the pillow or the sheats, i tell him no lick but he still does it, he knows what no is but i cant seem to get him to stop doing that. AND I CANT FIND TOYS TO LAST HIM, I buy toys and with a day he chews them all up then tries to eat all the little pierces hes made of it, i buy all kidns of toys but he chews them all up :rolleyes: any idea what toys to get or anything? And the playing :D he bites when we play and he does all the time, he gets really aggressive, i have tried the walk away and all but still no luck, hes a good dog just when it omes to playing he gets like that, im not sure if its csaue hes still a puppy or not anything that can help me out? Other then those things hes great, I can throw the ball up and he can catch it in the air which makes me really happy, its like palying catch with him i just need him to drop the ball after that, he will put his head out likes hes goingt o give it to me but when i reach for it hes pulls his head back like teasing me. he loves to play catch, i bough him a little pool and he just loves that so so much, Ill give a link to him playing in it at teh end of this, hes so awesome hehe, he knows go potty and go poop, he does both of that then he knows we can play after he does that. when it rains out he just goes crazy he tries to bite the rain and u can just see in his face hes having a great time. He plays catch with him self also, he gets his toy then slings it accross teh room then runs after it shakes it then does that again, he will do that for hours. and he does laps, h es run up staires around the living room, back down the staires in to my bed room around the bed and over it back up the staies and back down here and he does laps about 15 times then he lays down for a little break. I have a bird and the bird will get on the side of the cage and Zipper will then go over there and lick the bird. he knows his name and knows come, o i just though of another thing thats ahhhhhhh, HE likes to dig when hes out side awhile, like ill let him out to go potty and all then ill go out to play with him then ill go back in and sometimes he likes to stay outside, idk if he digs casue im not out there or what but i can say this he knows how to open the door to get out and open it to get back inside, He has learned to sit b4 he goes inside and out side and also b4 he gets his food. I LOVE HIS TAIL, he is getting some black in it, like black spots in the white of his tail, its so awesome hehe. but i think im gonna go casue he is bugging me caue he has to go out side for a break.

I tried to upload pictures but its not working for me. ill get it working here soon and ill let you all know


Zipper playing in his pool (was taken over the summer)


Zipper saying he lvoes this song or telling me to turn it off(taken like a week ago)

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It sounds like Zipper is doing great. He's come so far. He's such a cute little guy.


It sounds like most of your problems are commen puppu problems, but that's not to say you can't still work on it now anyhow. Even if he doesn't seem to be learning it, he probably is. He's just not letting you know it.


Mine does that too. When he goes to bed he'll lick either me or my pillow before bed. Idon't know if it's a nervous thing or what. But it doesn't bother me.


He just sounds a little mouthy still. Have you tried saying "ouch!!" when he does it? Or "no bite"?


Black Jack does that with the ball too. He'll bring it back great, but getting it from him is a different story. What I do is take two different toys (ball, frisbee, what ever) and when he comes back hold up the other toy until he drops the toy he has. Then say "drop" and "good boy" then throw it for him. Hope all this helps :rolleyes:

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Lately, what's been working for Sophie is standing still when she bites/nips....NO MATTER WHAT OR HOW MUCH IT HURTS...........she doesn't break skin or make me bleed, but she stops when I stop. It's been getting progressively better. And, now, I've gotten a ruff dawg stretchy tuggy.


she loves it. i can feed her mouthiness without getting near her teeth when she's playing and I've brought more than one ball, too. She seems to be more interested in the tuggy, but she's not a fetcher, so maybe that's why.


She's also only mouthy when she's actively playing.....at no other time is she biting or nipping or anything. Only during OUR active playtime.

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i dont mind the licking the bed and all just the thing is i roll ove rto a really soked spot lol.

Yep i have done both of them for a while also and when i do that he does it more so that doesnt work out

Zipper loves to play fetch and tug, those are his to fav gameds and he also loves to try to find me, i hide and he has a blast trying to find me its great. we was throwing the frisbee today and he was getting it outta the air, that made me really happy :rolleyes:

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