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Scott Glen clinic, Colorado


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A last-minute cancellation means there is a working slot open for the upcoming Scott Glen clinic to be held in Longmont, Colorado.


DATE: Saturday and Sunday October 20th and 21st 2007

COST: For Mountain and Plains Border Collie Association members: $200 for both days (or $100 for one day); for non-MPBCA members: $225 for both days (or $125 for one day)

QUESTIONS/INFO: Laura Jenkins 303-456-9669 (please call after 7 p.m. and before 9 p.m. MST)

or just PM me (I'm a different Laura :rolleyes: ).


It's a great opportunity to learn from one of the best!

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Laura, thanks for PM'ing me about this clinic.


At the stage we're at, with Ouzo as high on sheep as he is, and me not actually having done anything in the pen, I am afraid it would be too early for us to benefit this clinic. Watching it, yes, but actually participating and trying to learn out of it.... don't know. He'd probably chase the sheep as fast as he did last week and not learn too much :rolleyes:

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Anda, Scott is great with new dogs just starting out. I know it probably feels like a lot of money to spend on something you're just starting out with, but if I were you I'd go at least one of the days. Scott can assess Ouzo's strengths and weaknesses and set both of you down a good path. But auditing would be cool, too. I'll email you the flyer.

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