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young dogs going after old dogs

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Lucy who is miss friendly with every dog she meets, and is bottom of the pecking order at home, has twice now gone after my old dog Cori. What started it tonight was a Jehovas Witness knocking on the door, and then, I saw him leave once he heard the caucaphony (that is a good thing). Anyway, I am in washing my face and I hear my old dog making her "she's killing me sounds', and I run out there, and I grab ahold of Lucy, and also Kylie who now that I am there (she's the enforcer) was going after Lucy- but not viciously, just to get her to stop. Anyway, I grab Lucy and down her, and make her stay there (on her side) until she has completely relaxed. My old dog is fine, but I haven't looked closely. Anyway, is it because my old dog is weak and feeble that she does this? She usually just ignores her. This old dog doesn't get lots of dog language, so when she gives subtle hints, Cori just barges right on through. Anyway, any ideas why this is?

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If it usually happens in the context of redirected aggression (as you describe) it might just be because your old dog is more likely to find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Sometimes Solo will tackle Fly as a redirect after barking at someone in the courtyard or something like that, and it's always when Fly was busy flailing around excited about something else (she is always excited about SOMETHING) and wasn't paying attention to what was going on. I'm not saying it's OK that Solo tackled her, but usually she would know to stay out of his way when his guard is up.

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