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Dog scared of cat

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Guest WoobiesMom

It'll probably be temporary. Woobie was afraid of the cats too and he quickly got over it. He and Milo (the younger cat) are pretty good buds now. It'll just take a little time.

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I don't know if my answer will help, but:


I live with 3 cats, 10yr old (Silver), 3 yr old (Denali), and 2yr old (Sitka). Bear, my BC mix moved in 3 1/2 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago Denali took out her switch-blades for front claws and "sharpened" them across Bear's muzzle (he did back her into a corner for Pete's sake) but she didn't understand he only wanted to play. Bear went running out of the room with his tail between his legs. I am not kidding :rolleyes: Sitka and Denali attempt to eat his food everytime I put it down. I have to push them away every time. Silver has taken over his blanket and tries to eat his cookies if he takes too long. If that doesn't give one reason to be afraid...


I do think that Bear is somewhat afraid of my cats. So I do think it's possible your dog is afraid of the new feline. Like Woobie's Mom said, it's probably temporary and likely nothing to worry about.


If nothing else, it will make for some good stories to post on this board. Get your camera out :D



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All three of my dogs were afraid of my cat at first. They got over it pretty quickly. My friend had a tiny little kitten that Ginger was terrified of - but curious about. She would go peeking around the corner looking for the kitten and it would come bouncing around. Ginger would squeal like a pig and run across the house shaking. It was hilarious to watch. When my boyfriend moved in his dogs were also afraid of my cat but got over in about a week.

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Thankfully I have not noticed a relationship between fear of a cat and fear of sheep. My Border Collie Lyn is pretty nervous around my Abyssinian cat. She ignores the other three cats here on the ranch.

But Stewart ( cat) can look at her and she can't bear it. All the dogs that come here are Border Collies and he pretty much has set them all straight from the get go.


Lyn has done well trialing ( sheep), including being a Nursery Finalist at the 06 USBCHA Finals, but it

's a darn good thing she didn't draw Stewart in her packet!

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