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Hello all, Just thought i would come to you a some help. Brody is doing great. Growing like a weed. He turning 3 months on sep 4th. He is up to date on he lyme/booster/ and took his fist pill for heartguard yesterday. i also put him on frontline yesterday also.

My question is.

When is the right time to start training you BC to do tricks. I have taught him the norm(Sit,leave it, come, paw), i would like to get him started on some more tricks. simple and difficult. Are there any books i can use? can you provide me with some?

I have him on a good physical workout but i think its time to setpup..lol




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Wave is a good one too. People love it when your at the park and they start to talk to him and he waves :rolleyes: or "shake" works too. I taught Black Jack to "gimmie ten" where he sits up and puts a paw in each hand. It goes well with "high five" which is just one hand/paw.

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