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Vinnie and the twenty foot dog

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Hey all ellie the rescue dog is doing VERY well for 4 months here at the ranch. She can play baseball out in the pasture; eats; runs across the crick, chases sticks; herds the horses and the cats but will always stay about 20' from me even when bringing the ball back. She will come to me if The Fabulous Ms. Leslie is there and I reckon that ios because she sees her as a protector. 2 things she doesn't play stick, ball, frisbee at the house and I need to get ehr to come to me without being to tough as she was BADLY mistreated before we got her.

I was thinking of puting her on the leash in the yard and just starting short telling her come and doing the cheese thing graduallly lengthening the leash to the full 20' and then going to play baseball. THough she may just be gaming me as she will come when I say baseball or whistle just not closer than 20' unless she forgets herself.

Maybe I should jjust wait for her forgets herself becomes more the habit than the PTSD.

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