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Fundraising and Border Collie Products

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I just started selling Shure Pets products. It is kind of like selling Avon or something, but all kinds of pet products. I wanted to let everyone know that you can do a fundraiser through me (any group or organization) and earn 25% of what is sold. Your group gets its own portal website for 30 days where people can go directly and order. Then at the end of the fundraiser the company writes your group a check. There are lots of great pet products and I thought that if anyone has a rescue group it might be helpful. There are lots of Border Collie products. Almost all of the breed items can come as a BC item. Also, if there is a specific Border Collie Rescue that is in need of some extra funding, that group could set it up through me and we could all order some items to help the group out. If anyone has any questions about becoming a consultant you can PM me. I just wanted to let everyone know about the fundraising opportunity since there are lots of great BC items. You can check everything out at www.tucson.shopshurepets.com under the products tab.

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