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I switched Lacee to Inovva Senior dry a while ago....she used to free feed and I never had a problem. But she didn't seem too keen on this new food, so I've been mixing it with a scoop or two of wet Inovva. She LOVES it and eats it all in one sitting. I'm not used to having a dog eat all at once, so I'm not sure how much to feed and how often. Today, I did two small meals, but don't know what constitutes "small". Oh, and she's not very active, so I know that makes a difference.


I hope I made sense. :rolleyes: Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I'd start with a cup at each feeding (if you're feeding twice a day; or two cups at one feeding if feeding once a day) and then adjust according to how she looks. Most of my dogs eat between one (the ones who tend to gain weight easily) and two cups a day. Start by assessing her weight now--you should be able to easily feel her ribs if you run your hand lightly down her sides, and she should have a visible tuck when viewed from above or the side just behind her ribcage. If she has a layer of fat over her ribs, you would want to start out feeding her a lower amount of food (maybe one cup) and add canned green beans or pumpkin (plain pumpkin) as it will help fill her up without adding weight (so she won't feel like she's starving on just one cup of kibble). If she's a good weight now, I'd start with around 2 cups and keep an eye on how she does, and then adjust up or down accordingly.


No one can give you an exact amount to feed because it depends on the particular food and how your dog responds to it. I've had dogs lose weight on extremely high quality foods, stay the same, or gain. It just depends on the dog. I hope that helps. And remember it's usually easier to put weight on than it is to take it off, so I'd err on the side of feeding less at first and adjusting up as necessary.



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Thanks for the advice. Sounds reasonable. Lacee is actually at a perfect weight, she was 38 lbs. last vet visit. I know I have to get her out to play more. I'm working on trying to find some fields where we can play ball, but everywhere around here says "no dogs". The dog park I take her to is very rocky, so she always leaves with a torn pad or two, which takes days to heal. It's very frustrating not having a yard now, after her being used to a large one for most of her life. :rolleyes:

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