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Mandy's getting adopted

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You guys remember Mandy right? Well she's getting adopted pretty soon. While it's a really great thing I still feel kind of sad about it. I mean I really wanted her and I thought I was going to. I guess you don't get every dog you want but she sure was special. I know she'll have a great home or Tonya wouldn't let her go. I'm going up to Capser Wednesday to say good by. At least I'll get to see her one more time. Just wanted to let everyone know the good news.

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It is allowed for you to be sad for you but happy for her at the same time. Had your situation been different, she could have had a great life with you and Black Jack. But it didn't work out that way. I am sure they're placing her somewhere where she will have a great life though and you helped make her her experiences in shelter just a little better. You're doing good things for a lot of dogs and sometime your situation will allow you to give another dog a new wonderful life.


You're allowed to feel what you're feeling!!

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I'm right there with you!


After having Mickey live in my house and be part of my pack for 5 months, it was horrible to let him go. He was mine in a way - and he sure thought he was.


But it really was the right thing for him and he's doing very well in his new home.


Still, there are times when it really hits home that he's never coming back.


It does get better, though!

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Well it turns out she was adopted Saturday to a family in CO. So I'm not going to get to say good by. I'm really happy that she found such a great home, but now it's almost worse becasue I didn't get to say good by to her. She'll have a great home though. That makes it better.

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