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In the middle of the night last night, gus vomited browny yellowly spit, and soon after vomited up the same colour spit and a bit of a bone. He isnt vomiting anymore but coughing a hoarse cough. Could this be because of the bone? Could of it hurt his throat? When we brought him home from the rspca, he was doing the same cough for only about a day. We didnt take him to the vet because the rspca checked him over.


Any advice would be appreciated :rolleyes:



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Hi to another Aussie. :rolleyes:


If it were my dog, I'd probably be taking Gus to the vet for a check-over anyway - doesn't hurt to let him meet the vet who's going to be taking care of him. Could be the piece of bone had irritated his throat - but could also be kennel cough, especially if he's come from a shelter.

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Guest WoobiesMom

Is he eating raw? Did you see him eat the bone? I think if he's still coughing, there's the possibility that there could be a piece remaining that he can't dislodge that may need vet intervention. Is he UTD on all his shots, including kennel cough?


Good luck!

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