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Flyball Prospect Rescue?

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Someone mentioned that they knew of a venue for placing possible flyball dogs in regards to my ACD foster, but I can't seem to find the note or post that mentioned it. There's a great little dog at the shelter here who would likely make a great height dog and I'd love to find out if there's someone out there that might be interested.


Sasha is an almost 5 month old female pup. I'm guessing she's part corgi given her ears and though she is listed as a GSD/Lab cross she's nowhere near big enough. She's tan and white, about 14" tall I would guess, maybe 20ish pounds. She will fetch tennis balls until she drops and *loves* people.


She's been at the shelter a while and really needs a home soon.


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Guest WoobiesMom

Now see, I knew I shouldn't open this! No fair posting a pic like that! What's a height dog and do they adopt out of state?

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Hmm well she'll be medium sized at least - and I'm guessing on height, if anything she's smaller lol. How big are height dogs for future reference?


WoobiesMom - we do adopt out of state; adoption fee is $85 and includes all shots (including rabies) and spay/neuter plus 30 days of pet health insurance. :rolleyes: Height dogs are small dogs that set the height of jumps in flyball as the jumps are set to correspond to the height of the smallest dog on the team.

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Erin, a flyball team jumps 4 inches below their height dog's height. The lowest you can jump is 7" and the maximum jump height is 14". So, with pup at the size she is already, if she were to be a height dog, the team would jump 10". Kinda right in the middle, but ideal height dogs are in the 11" to 12" range full grown. I'm guessing she'll get a few inches taller, and therefore wouldn't be much of a height dog.


But she could still be a heck of a flyball dog! :rolleyes:

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Ah good to know...maybe I need to find a ruler and take sasha out again... :rolleyes:


ETA: I'm good at eyeballing height I guess, Miss Sasha is 13 or 14" per my measuring tape, though she was quite wiggly so the measurement may be a smidge off. Sasha probably weighs about 25lbs, but a fair amount of that is excess "puppy fat" as her ribs are hard to palpate.


She also has a nice straight fetch lol - straight out to pick up the ball and straight back to the human for another throw. She does run slower than I thought: approximately 80 ft in 8 seconds (40ft up and back), though that is with a moving ball to pick up and one drop halfway back.

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