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I have been working Lucy for some time, working on basics, and letting her grow up at the same time. Well, little miss Lucy Lou is growing up. I have also started having her do some real work, and that seems to coincide with her upping her repetoire. OH MY. The last two days working her left me, well, over the moon. She is finally getting all that stuff we have worked on, and she is able to do things, I never dreamed she would- well, I did dream, but dared not to hope. It is like everything makes sense to her now. I can't articulate, or type the feeling I have after working her on days like this. Anyone else have that click thing going with their dogs? Did/do you feel like you could just smile for. like. ever?


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My instructor volunteered to keep my boy for this last week to work on settling him and showing him he doesn't need to move ALL the time to make the sheep move, and while she emailed me and told me of all the amazing things he was working on with her, when I got there Thursday to take a lesson with him and take him home, he was a *total* dork the first 20 minutes we worked him. Then we took a break for the heat, and I went out and tried him again. CLICK - beautiful wearing, easy outruns without cutting in, even on his hard direction (he likes Away much better than Go Bye), and he was stopping on his own when he felt pressure. Didn't even get sucked in to chasing the silly lambs that broke off of the group to do an airborn pirhouette (not sure why, silly lambs!). Yay!


Love it!

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