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Elvin Kopp Lessons - Fort Klamath, OR

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We are coordinating the availability of lessons at the World Championship Rodear in Fort Klamath, Oregon (directions, etc. posted at http://www.rodearcowdogs.com )


To date we have confirmed the availability of Elvin Kopp. Elvin will be visiting from Westerose, Canada, a town two hours north of Calgary, where he raises purebred Red Angus cattle, runs an annual summer pasture program of 1800 yearlings and raises registered Quarter Horses.


Elvin is an accomplished trainer and handler, as well as a respected trial judge who has been acknowledged as Canadian Cattledog Handler of the Year and Sheepdog Handler of the Year, as well as raising/training dogs that have gone on to capture such titles as Cattledog of the Year, Sheepdog of the Year and Super Dog of the Year. Recent accomplishments include the 2007 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals Nursery Champion, complete with a 5th place finish in the Open Double Lift Finals (with the same nursery dog).


Elvin will be available throughout the day August 24th through August 27th (subject to his competitive working draw) at a location adjacent to the competition site. Half hour lessons, $50.00, full hour lessons - $75.00.


If interested, please respond by private e-mail to jwilliams@cowdognews.com or call (530) 320-1699.


Julia Williams

Marysville, CA



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