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  1. The Ft. Klamath Rodear Trial entry and information has been posted to Cow Dog News and Rodear Cowdogs. For those who downloaded the entry prior to today's date, please note that the trial dates have been changed.
  2. I'm not interested in the registry, but like the database concept.
  3. Okay Denise, I'm a jagged pill that doesn't like tearing up, so have a hard time with the poem and words fail me... However, I know I've shared with you privately how fond I am of Mick, so the very mention of his name prompted me to visit his "PBase Album" to enjoy all those great pics of him all over again... but now I can't find it As far as the perhaps regarding the last time you'll run him, you are spot on when you say that some dogs are able to compensate for their aging bodies and modify their working style and some aren't... I have an "old dude" that is able to put in a far lo
  4. CONGRATULATIONS LANA AND KELL! Two to the Finals and an Open National Championship! Way to go! Also, HUGE KUDOS to Marty and Duster for making the Finals... nice job!
  5. Francis asked me to let folks know that the server is currently down, preventing her from updating scores. Help is scheduled to arrive at approximately 2:30 pm, and updates will takes place just as soon as everything is back up and running. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated : - )
  6. What fantastic forward progress! I hope the current motion, regarding seconded, stated motions being posted for a 1 week minimum, passes.
  7. Amy and Gary – Tremendous thanks for your efforts, which seem to be leading somewhere, so have not been expended in vain. Michele and Wilda – You consistently serve District One with a singular focus on the best interests of the Association. Keep up the grand work! BOD/Herbert – I appreciate and respect your unselfish services as well. Posting BOD discussion topics (any chance of doing the same for Committee discussion topics?) is a nice start and will go a long way in providing “pre-decision” opportunities for HA members to make contact with their BOD if /when they care to. Regard
  8. All registration, entry and consignment information has been posted to: http://www.cowdognews.com Snapshot: When: January 28th - January 31st Where: Klamath County Fairgrounds - Klamath Falls, Oregon Postmark deadline for all: December 15th Confirmed Stock Dog Clinicians (1/28 and 1/29): Elvin Kopp and Dale Montgomery Confirmed Cow Horse Clinicians (1/28 and 1/29): Craig Boyd and Diana Ceresola Sheep Dog Competition (1/30): OSDS and USBCHA sanctioned Cattle Dog Competition (1/31): OSDS and USBCHA sanctioned Working Dog Sale Demos (1/30 and 1/31); Sale 1/31
  9. Just a quick note to let folks know we have changed the format of the clinic to be a double-header "Canadian Stock Dog Clinic" that will also include Dale Montgomery from Maple Creek, SK, Canada. More info to be posted soon.
  10. Elvin Kopp/Dale Montgomery Clinic When: Monday, January 28th and Tuesday, January 29th Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (evening youth clinic starts at 5:00pm*) Where: Klamath County Fairgrounds - Klamath Falls, OR Type of Stock: Sheep and Cattle Cost with dog: $200.00 per day Auditing Cost: $50.00 per day *Evening youth clinic will be free of charge for any youth age 17 and under, or any current FFA or 4-H Member, regardless of age. Registration posted on http://www.cowdognews.com
  11. Langtry Cattle Dog Showcase October 13-14, 2007 Middletown, CA OSDS/USBCHA sanctioned Open, plus a Non-Pro Division. We are aiming to have brochures/entries mailed and posted by August 20th. This trial fills fast. Only completed entries with payment in full will be accepted (no phone/fax entries, no exceptions). Entries scratched by October 5th will be "refunded" by destroyed check. Entry fee deposits will be made on/after October 12, 2007. If you feel so inclined, and have the opportunity, please let your "computerless" friends know that they need to call (530) 320-1699 with
  12. A separate, USBCHA sanctioned judged/points pasture gather event with two qualifying rounds and one finals has been added to the 2007 World Championship Rodear (dogs need not be entered in Rodear to compete). No entry fee. $2,000.00 to be paid out in Finals (no go-round money): First - $800; Second - $600; Third - $400; Fourth - $200. (Dogs entered in both the Pasture Gather and Rodear will automatically be in contention for the All Around High-Combined Buckle). Judge: Lana Rowley - Malin, Oregon Information: http://www.rodearcowdogs.com
  13. Interesting... I recall a motion some time back about not sanctioning arena time trials for sheep/cattle, which was subsequently withdrawn allowing continued sanctioning. Although I don't recall the specific why (for the original motion or the subsequent withdrawal) it does seem that most arena/timed trials certainly don't fit neatly into Section 22 or 31. Anyway, I've departed down a rabbit trail... you're right of course, the real point is novice classes do vary quite a bit... and it is best to call ahead to someone who has knowledge of the specific course.
  14. With the exception of the Finals, I wasn't aware of any official HA formats/standards or "specified manner" for sanctioned Open or Nursery classes either, leaving the course format and rules up to the local association/trial host. Or, am I off base?
  15. We are coordinating the availability of lessons at the World Championship Rodear in Fort Klamath, Oregon (directions, etc. posted at http://www.rodearcowdogs.com ) To date we have confirmed the availability of Elvin Kopp. Elvin will be visiting from Westerose, Canada, a town two hours north of Calgary, where he raises purebred Red Angus cattle, runs an annual summer pasture program of 1800 yearlings and raises registered Quarter Horses. Elvin is an accomplished trainer and handler, as well as a respected trial judge who has been acknowledged as Canadian Cattledog Handler of the Year
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