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  1. We once had a BC pup who had a horrible car chasing problem - would see a flash of car out on the road from our back pasture and head out through each pasture, ending with a hard run the length of our 1/4 mile driveway to "catch it." We knew the dog would end up dead (someone letting the dog run free accidentally, etc.) if we didn't do something about it, so, we sent the dog "out" for correction training. It only took 2 e-collar training sessions and the dog remains broke of the habit to this day. I bore you with the story only to support my thought that it seems likely that on
  2. Well, after looking through the different forums I've settled on this one to solicit a bit of help... looks as good as any. I'm coordinating volunteer help for the 2003 National Cattledog Finals, and while I've established a decent list of trial jobs that benefit from volunteer help, I don't want to miss the forest for the trees. I'd appreciate hearing from those who have spent time coordinating volunteer trial help and/or volunteering themselves. It probably would be beneficial to also hear from folks who can remember a point in time when they found themselves wondering why the trial
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