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Well I knew this would take some adjustments introdusing a 4 monther to my old brother and sister beagles. But we were off to such an easy start, I'm kind of suprised a month later is when we are having such a shake up.


Edith my 11 year old beagle (the alpha) has duked it out with Lilly, Lilly won. They have mostly made their piece with each other. They don't play.


Archie, Edith's brother is a saint. He lets the cats sleep with him (even though they freak him out) and he has similarly put up with Lilly's harranging him. She'll jump on his back, pull his back legs out from under him, have his entire head in her mouth. And he just sits there and takes it. I observe for a little, then make her leave him alone and distract her from him. Today he finally growled and snapped at her, and she almost fought with him.


What should I do, mostly I just sit with the three and give attention to them all. Any other advice?



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Des Lilly get the opportunity to interact with any other dogs? Mainly, dogs bigger, and a bit more on their toes than your old sweet beagles?


It sounds like Lilly is loving the fact that she can push around your old ones. Its probably just starting now, because Lilly has finally settled in enough to call your place home, and is now tryin to assert her place as dominant member of the household. For the most part, I like to let dogs work things out themselves, because its quicker that way and they typically know what they're doing.


However, Lilly's puppy license has expired. It is past due time for all the older, wiser dogs to let her know she cannot simply push them around and do whatever she wants. Thats why I ask if you bring her arouns any other dogs. Sometimes it helps, if older dogs who are good with other dogs and experienced with puppies, are introduced to your pup and that way she can learn some healthy manners the dog way.


My little Ido is now 16 weeks old, her puppy license has just run out, and though she isn't overly 'rude' with other dogs to begin with, she's learning not to pester the older dogs with puppy behavior. But before you take her to learn some doggy manners, you must be sure you know those dogs well enough to know they will correct your pup without pushing it too far. The dogs I have Ido around include a 13 year old spaniel with no teeth (He's a grumpy gus who likes to be left alone.) A 5 year old lab who can lash out with the meanest bark and growls you've ever heard, but would NEVER lay a tooth on anything, and an assortment of older puppies (1yr-1.5yrs) that often teach her rough play is not always appreciated when you're smaller than everyone else.


Keep in mind, I do not just LEAVE her alone with these dogs...I supervise her every minute. I pick her up if things get too overwhelming for her amidst the younger ones, I discourage her from standing back and barking incessntly at those dogs that are playing, (something that can escalate into an annoying behavior, and some dogs do not like it and will lash out at the barker.) If she gets snarky over a toy, I swoop in nd grab the toy, scolding her. if she gets possesive over standing at my feet, I scold her and walk away. I try my best to teach my dogs not to resource guard ANYTHING, because it only causes trouble in the future. However, if another dog starts humping mine, I wait and see if she can handle it on her own before stepping in to remove the humper.


I'm just outlining several things that often occur when you're allowing your dog to play with other, outside dogs. It helps, because humans can't always explain why a dog should behave a certain way. But, many people here don't like 'dog parks' or off leash zones because fights can and do occur. Its difficult to judge who will get along with who all the time. The majority of fights I've seen break out, though, last 3-5 seconds, and both dogs usually break away with a better understanding and no injuries. I understand I take my chances, but I'm always cautious. I leave the area when there is an agressive dog present, or a dog that is not fixed. I watch my dog, and the dogs she is playing with, to be sure neither of them is getting too overwhelmed or uneasy. I find my time sent at dog parks very educational, watching dogs interact and teach each other.


Hope this helps.

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That does help, I got her from the pound where she was just fine with a pack of 5 females for 2 weeks, so I was a little suprised that she is behaving so rude. But I have a few people in mind that have good social dogs.


Frankly I wouldn't like it if some alligator mouth had my head in her mouth, so I can understand why Archie drew the line at that one.


Hmm, maybe the answer is I need to get another more playful dog. :cool:


As my wonderful husband rolls his eyes



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