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Duek and the dog park

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I am new to the BC Boards and this is my First post! My BC Duke loves going to the dog park! I am having troubles with him though when it comes to toys! He is fine with other dogs until they have a toy be it a ball, tug toy or anything! He growls and nips at other dogs until they drop the toy. It doesn't seem like he wants it but DOESN'T want them to have it. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I have a toy possessive dog (Diesel), and I don't let him around other dogs who have toys at the dog park. That's my solution. Maybe others have some training advice - if it's even worth or advisable to fix.


At home, my threesome has figured it out (after a few weeks of snarl-fests) and even my otherwise alpha dog yields to Diesel. He's only possessive with dogs and only with toys, not food.

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