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puppy food/paper

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Hello all,


Just had a few more questions for you.

What type of dog food do you feed you puppies?( name brand, dry food/wet) Hes gunna be 3 months old if do get him.

What papers do i ask for from the breeder?

AKC/ Vet papers/ birth certificate...any others?



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I would personally switch to adult food at that age. I like Blue Buffalo (avail at Petsmart), but prefer Canidae or Merrick (see websites for distributors). Or any brand natural petstores in your area carries.


Papers? Well.... these forums do not support AKC border collies.. so... no need to ask for those if you read the 'Read This First' of the forums. DO ask for all vet papers so you don't OD your pup on shots he's already had. I guess just ask for all his paperwork, whatever it is. You can opt not to actually register the pup with any orgs he's eligible for but at least you have the papers.



ETA: I would switch to adult food instead of puppy because puppy food grows dogs too fast per some studies. If you wanted to do puppy, I would still recommend those same companies, but puppy version. I don't feed canned.

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I feed my new puppy (6 months old) Wellness super5mix dog food. I actually feed that to all of my dogs. It is natural and they seem to love it. I also never used canned dog food. Here is a link to their website if you want to check it out. http://www.oldmotherhubbard.com/wellness/d..._dry_index.html


I have to buy mine at a specialtiy dog store, but it doesn't cost anymore than any other natural dog food. Also, if you have such a dog store near you, you can go in and ask them for samples of all of their natural dog/puppy foods and they should give them to you. That way you can make sure the puppy will actually eat it before you buy it. My Aussie's are not picky eaters at all, but some of those natural foods they wouldn't even lick!


When I got Hammie I was given his ABCA registration. He was already registered so I only had to send in for my membership and a transfer of the papers. I also received a record of all of his vet visits and what shots, deworming, his microchip number, and his CERF certification.


It probably depends on who you get your puppy from as to what papers you will get, but as RaisingRiver said, I would at least want his/her shot records and dates of deworming meds given.


Good luck,


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