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What is the best way to keep sheep off the fence? I have some sheep at home and when

I try to work them with my dog they stay right along the fencelines.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.



Have you been unable to get more lessons?

Sheep are not as stupid as you'll hear. They know almost instantly whether they can "beat" a dog or not. Usually sheep will easily come off the fence if properly approached by the dog. But, if the dog shows insecurity, or slices in instead of staying on the proper path, the sheep will stay on the fence, or run down the fence, hugging it all the way. A couple of times like this and they become pretty much impossible to get off the fence by that particular dog. The sheep win and the dog looses every time. So every time it happens, the dog looses more confidence. That is why I suggested to you before that you get as many lessons as possible before trying to train your dog by yourself. Do you know someone with a trained dog who could help you retrain your sheep? Could your trainer come to your place and show you how to work through this problem. Unfortunately, I can't see what's happening. It's possible that your dog isn't committed to working "to you". He's not seeing you as the focal point and is deliberately trying to keep the sheep on the fence. In any case, I can't help you without being there to see the cause. Sorry.



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