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We are all kids on the block at some time or another. Some of us, like me, take a very long time to cross the street...


The only Beginner's class I've ever seen or participated in was in a smallish arena, with a marvelous group of little Boer goat kids. It consisted of a very short outrun (I'm going to guess 25 yards at most), lift and fetch, and then a nice little wear around the arena (from the handler's post, over to and up one side, diagonally back to the other side, then up that side), and a pen. The rule was that your dog had to lie down while you penned to avoid harassing the youngsters, who went readily in the pen if the dog wasn't too close. It was great fun, very enjoyable, the kids were wonderful to work, and it was educational.


The Novice classes I've run in have had (generally) a 75 to 100 yard outrun, lift and fetch, and leaving the handler's post to wear through one set of gates, and then back to the pen. Just a bit bigger course, more challenging stock (more trial/dog-sour, or just more flighty or heavy), and a bit more room to work.


I haven't noticed Beginner's classes being offered very much at all. They could be, I guess, a good place for a real nervous novice to get a start but I think most folks with working-bred dogs should be prepared to start in Novice. The Beginner's course I've seen is rather a bit like some "other" organizations' lower-level courses.

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