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can antibiotics ake a dog incontinent?

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Has anyone ever heard of a reaction to doxycycline where the dog becomes incontinent?


Well, not incontinent, but unable to fully concentrate his urine or make it more than 5 hours through the night. Let me explain. Taz had a "foreign entity" (presumably a foxtail) in his nasal passages about a week and a half ago, and I brought him into the vet. The vet scoped his nasal passages and tonsils and found evidence that something had been up there, but Taz had likely worked it out by himself. The left side was a bit scratched up, though, with some minor abrasions. We were sent home with a 10-day course of doxycycline to prevent infection. After about four days on the antibiotics, he began "leaking" and needing to go out during the night. Turns out Taz isn't so great about letting me know he has to go out (he was raised with a doggy door, but it's closed at night), and gets me up only after he has been peeing a bit. Gross.


Anyway, I thought it was maybe just a side effect of the doxy, but we went to the vet for a urinalysis, which looked normal. The vet was perplexed because apparently doxy is eliminated via the liver, not the kidneys. Taz was taken off the antibiotics and the vet thought that would end the problem. Well, it's been three nights now, and Taz is still unable to make it through the night without urinating (a HUGE amount, btw).


I guess we'll go back to the vet, but does anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem here?

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