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Lance wont eat enough :(

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four days ago Lance was having problem and had the runs. So I didn't give him food for a day and the next morning I gave him rice(over cooked like I've read to do) mixed with some turkey gravy. He loved it and scarfed it down, and it really did the trick. Now, a few day later im noticing that he is not eating as much as usual. And I can tell he lost some weight the few days that he had the runs. It's not that he wont touch his food, and he'll eat treats, but he is eating so little when he needs to gain some weight. He was in perfect shape before he got sick. Any suggestions for food, other than kibble, that I could give him to put on a little weight that he would eat and get a balanced diet on. He need to regain maybe 1-2 lbs of muscle.

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Guest WoobiesMom

I went through alot of stomach issues with my Airedale. When coming off something that had upset him, he wouldn't eat as much and would lose some weight as well. Over the years I noticed than whenever his stomach bothered him, he got put on a diet of rice and boiled hamburger (rinsed as well) ordered by our vet. He LOVED that and would be on it anywhere from a few days to two months once. Part of the reason he didn't eat as much of his regular food was that it didn't smell or taste nearly as good as what he'd been eating and he'd have to get good and hungry before he'd go back on the regular food. I tried warming and adding the low-sodium, fat-free chicken broth to his regular food and that did the trick, it smelled good, was warm as the rice/hamburger had been and he felt like a King again! LOL Hope it helps.

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