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Lost Red/white BC male near Dallas

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UPDATE:Sammy has been Found!!!! A women in the neighborhood picked him up during the storm on Sunday, and called the Rowlett Shelter. The shelter contacted Richard and Sammy is being picked up now. I believe Sammy is going to get microchipped in short order, and they are going to get those tags back on him asap. They are very happy to have them home, and definately will make some changes so this won't happen again.



I am posting this for a friend and fellow BC lover. Sammy took off yesterday, he only had his radio collar on, no tags. He was spoked by thunder and ran through a gate as his owner was walking in. Sammy is 2-5 years old, he lives right on the lake ray hubbard. He just got out yesterday. I am trying to attach a picture, if that doesn't work I will:


Anfor more practical matters, I should tell them to contact the animal control, shelter, ?vets in the area?, put flyers up at petsmart and other pet stores in the area and the neighborhood? Any tips?


I'm hoping for a safe quick return for sammy boy.


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Don't forget any rescue groups--if by some luck a rescue group picks him up or ends up with him...also, if they are financially able, offering a reward might get better results.


I hope Sammy is found soon!

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I am forwarding his pic to a friend of mine who does all-breed rescue in the Dallas area.


Hope he's home safe soon.


Thanks for spreading the word, Sammy is still out there somewhere. His fur parents are definately worried and missing him, but I told them not to give up hope yet. Feel free to crosspost. Thank you so much!


Sammy was last seen at Lake Ray Hubbard on the Rowlett side near Chiesa and Lakeview Pkwy.



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