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western Georgia - flock dispersal


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numbers below are approximates. I am posting this for friends and will forward your info to them. Please be patient about responses as this sale is due to a death in the family.


All sheep are in good condition, on grass.


25 yearling 3/4 to 7/8 percentage White Dorper ewes


20 weanling 3/4 or better percentage White Dorper ram lambs


20 weanling 3/4 or better White Dorper ewe lambs


50 head of mature ewes - ages 2 years to 4ish, ranging from 3/4 White Dorper to higher percentages, some purebred, most registered.


2 White Dorper rams - 1 fullblood, 1 purebred, registered - ages 4 and 5 I think


Small flock of Romneys - spinner wool. lambs, ewes, quality ram. Some color fleeces


Pair of working Great Pyrs. ages 4 and 5. Male intact, female spayed. Can be seperated but are used to working together. Male is standoffish and will take time to adjust to new owner.


Akbash/Kuvatz/Tatra, spayed female 2 years old. Effective large proprety guardian with wide range.


Maremma female,age 3, spayed. Working alone and guards close.

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I sure wish I lived close enough to jump on this...alas, SoCal is just too far away! :rolleyes:


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