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Joining mother and daughter again in a new home

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Hi I am Jorge (George) from Argentina. I have an eleven weeks female BC; she is a very active and lovely dog.

The breeder of my puppy is now selling her mom and other dogs, because she is bringing new dogs from New Zeland to improve the breed (Cause there is a few blood lines of BCs in my country) plus she had a lot of dogs. I love dogs and I always had more than 2 .I was looking for another dog to accompany my puppy and I found this.

His mom is four years old and had only one litter.

What do you think? Can this be good?

Can be dangerous bring an adult dog to a new home at this age?

Excuse me please if there are writing mistakes, I don’t speak English very well but I made an effort.



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Like you, I have alwyas had two dogs in the house. My own experience has been limited to having a younger dog come into the home where an older dog was already established. Would you have an opportunity to bring the older dog to your home to test the interaction before comitting yourself? This is what I have done in the past, and might be the safest course.

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You can join a mother and daughter together, just remember that two bitches are more likely to fight as they mature (well, as the pup matures), and the fact that they're related won't make a difference. Don't be surprised if the mom is somewhat nasty to the pup--usually it's all vocal and not physical. My bitch still routinely corrects the two pups I kept out of her litter and they pups are 11 months old now. The mother may behave worse toward her own pup than she would to an unrelated pup. Anyway, it's doable, just don't panic if they mom does a lot of growling at the pup while the pup does a lot of groveling around the mom. That's pretty normal.


Many people do make a two (or more) dog household work. It will require some effort on your part to make sure that each of your new dogs gets sufficient "alone time" and attention from you, but you might find that they are very happy together, as long as they don't start a dominance struggle once the pup becomes sexually mature (and this can happen whether or not one or both of the dogs is spayed). I would just caution against thinking that two dogs will mean less work for you. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the two dogs will keep each other company sufficiently and therefore the human doesn't need to pay as much attention to either dog. What usually happens in cases like that is you end up with two bored dogs who are twice as destructive (or more) than one bored dog might be. But if you are willing to give both dogs the time with you, attention, and training they need, you will probably be doubly rewarded!


Do keep a close eye on things and be prepared to step in if the mom takes to overcorrecting the pup's behavior, but don't worry overly much if the mom does growl or put her mouth over the pup's muzzle as that's normal mom-pup dynamics.



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