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Chewing on Her Sides


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Molly has had a tendency to chew on her sides from the first we got her. She has no hair loss, no sores, no dandruff, nothing visible. She's been treated for worms. The vet suggested allergy but we're not getting any difference being very strict to a lamb and rice food as she recommended. We thought about an OCD, but she does it at all sorts of times. She does it during the night, in the middle of a play session, while lying on me getting pet. We can't distract her from it. Ignoring it makes no difference. Scolding her doesn't seem to help either.


Is the vet right that this is an allergy? Do we need to try a different feed? Can it be something else?


Any ideas or suggestions for dealing with it?


Sometimes she'll lie there with her mouth around her side (the skinny part in front of her hips) just squeezing with her jaw and whining.


Completely restricting her food is a challenge because she often just won't eat. Even if we do nothing with it for a couple days, she just won't eat.


She eats a lot of grass at times as well. Tends not to drink much water (she likes to drink the morning dew or after rain). She's active and playful and seems content most of the time. She just has periods where she chews on her sides a lot. I can't seem to find a pattern in it.




Rebecca and Molly

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From what you described I would think OCD is still a possibility, but before you jump to that conclusion you need to check out medical problems. Have you tried an antihistamine? If she is chewing her side whining maybe it is something internal. You said she doesn't eat or drink much, that could be a sign of an intestinal problem. Maybe she is in pain and chewing her side helps her forget about the pain in her tummy.

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