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Handler's Dinner at the 2007 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals


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The Finals Committee has had a generous offer from Battlefield Harley-Davidson, a major corporate sponsor of the 2007 USBCHA National Finals. In addition to their generous sponsorship, they would like to host a FREE Handler's Dinner at the 2007 USBCHA National Finals in Gettysburg.


This free dinner would take the place of the paid Handler's dinner that we have posted about in the past. The dinner would be on Friday Sept 21, 2007 time to be determined, but around 7- 7:30pm, and would be located approx 3 miles from the trial site under covered pavilions. Battlefield Harley-Davidson would be providing the menu and all the food for the dinner.


Because we would want a good turn out for the Handler's Dinner, as a way to say Thank You, to the sponsor, we do not want to accept their offer, unless we can expect a good turn out for it. In our last poll about a paid dinner, we had only 72 people, who responded that they would attend the dinner.


So once again we are asking for people to respond to this email privately at Nancy Obernier


Please only respond if you are expecting to attend the 2007 National Sheepdog Finals in Gettysburg this Sept. Please respond, even if you had responded to the first email concerning the Paid Dinner.


_____ I am a Handler and Would attend the Free Handler's Dinner


____ I am a Volunteer and Would attend the Free Handler's Dinner


_______ Number attending the dinner, including yourself.


_____ I am attending the National Finals, but would not be interested in attending the FREE Handler's Dinner



Nancy Obernier and Elayne Holbrook

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