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Gypsy caught her first REAL frisbee today! :rolleyes:


She'll grab rollers, and snatch them out of the air if I hover them for her, but today she actually ran after a long throw and caught it out of the air! :D We've been practicing a lot lately with her soft plastic nylabone frisbee as well as a hard plastic competition style one. She loves them both and her favourite part is the occasional game of tug we play when she brings it back.


However, she seems to only stay interested in the game for 10 minutes or so... She isn't a completely toy obsessed BC, and if another dog or person or anything walks by she'll lose interest in the game. And she won't play it out of the yard when there's things to smell. She's super food motivated. Is there any way to 'up' her toy drive?

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I'm working on the same thing with my little female. What is working is to take her and the frisbee out, act really excited, then just throw a few rollers. Just two or three the first time, leave her wanting to play more REALLY bad!! And if her favorite part is tugging after, have her bring the disc back to you for the reward of tugging on another disc, so she loves running back to you as much as she loves going after the disc. Always stop before she wants to, that seems to be the key with my little girl. We go out five to six times a day for less than six or seven minutes. She was only food motivated, but now she gets excited everytime she sees the disc.

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