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feeding two dogs

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i noticed how clover has gained some weight lately and was wondering how if there's a good way to ration her food. the problem is that we feed both skye and her at the same time and clover tends to eat from both bowls and go back and forth. skye is a finnicky eater and will most likely eat when there's some "pressure" from clover eating her food.


mesa know that this is a bit complicated but any advice is greatly appreciated

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Number 1 - Don't let Clover eat Skye's food. Measure out both his/her food and Skye's food, and feed each one individually and appropriately.


Do your dogs have crates? If so, feed each in their own crate, allow 15-20 minutes at most, and remove any food that hasn't been consumed so the other dog doesn't get it.


If you don't have/use crates, feed each dog and don't allow either dog to consume anything but their own food. Measure each dog's ration, allow them a reasonable (short) time to eat, and then remove any leftovers.


Supervise their feeding. Skye may possibly eat less initially without Clover's interest in her food, but should probably pick up eating when she gets hungry.


I've have a youngster that has been quite finicky. I've gotten a food for him that he enjoys and eats readily (and that doesn't cause any intestinal distress) now as long as I don't overfeed him. If he overeats a meal because I didn't measure out the right amount, then it can put him off his feed for several meals.


As long as Skye enjoys her food (and if she doesn't, you may want to try another type of food), make sure you aren't overfeeding, and she should begin to eat a reasonable amount fairly regularly. But it is a combination of the right food and the right amount that may make the difference in his attitude.


I would not encourage a dog to eat by allowing another dog access to his/her food - that is setting your dogs up for a conflict, or for the more submissive dog to simply give up his/her food to the other dog (who will quickly become overweight as a result).


Best wishes!

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thanks! yes its as you said sue. skye's getting a bit submissive around the little clover when it comes to eating from her bowl. both bowls are measured out differently for each dog. i'll probably let them eat inside their pens. the short duration of feeding is a great idea! i totally missed it as i just leave it outside for 1 hr or more. this way even skye will learn to chow on her food cuz she'll learn that her bowl won't be there for long...heh military style

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Sounds like you've understood just what I was trying to get across to you. Best wishes in working it out and getting both dogs fed properly.


Some things make so much sense when someone else explains them, but they don't always occur to me on my own... That's why this board is so great!

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