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Are rabbits livestock?


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I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong place, but if bunnies count as livestock, I have questions.


We seem to have adopted a wild baby bunny. It is young, about 4 inches long (two days ago it was 3 inches long). It is currently living in a wooden crate on our screen porch. We are feeding it lettuce, carrots, and grass. We are rinsing the lettuce and shaking it off, this is working for water for now.


Are bunnies like other small animals? (ie guniea pigs)

Do we need a water bottle?

Will a wild bunny be a pet? (It is acting like a total pet right now)

Do we need to buy bunny food?


Thanks for any info, clueless about bunnies.

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Rabbits are livestock, at least the ones raised for meat, but I would guess that yours falls into the pet category. There are laws regarding the keeping of wild animals as pets, and you may want to check into that. I'm not saying you should throw the little thing back into the wild, but be aware that some vets, etc., may not be as helpful with the rabbit because it is not domesticated (and you may have to be careful who you tell about the rabbit). House rabbits (the House Rabbit Society) has lots of good information on basic rabbit care--it would be well worth the read to go through their FAQs and other information. When I trapped a little black house rabbit that someone had tossed out into the wild (exact opposite of your situation) I found out that I had A LOT of misconceptions about rabbits and rabbit care (he went into rabbit rescue) and this site helped a lot, as did talking with the rescue folks....



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I know of someone who sort of tamed a wild hare. She keeps it as a pet, anyway - it sounds as if the hare is very far from what you'd call tame even after years of very gentle care.


I will get her in touch with you. You'll probably want to pick her brain about this. Good luck!

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Thank you Julie and Rebecca, I went straight to the site and learned A LOT!!! Tonite after the dogs and cats are in for the night, we will return the bunny to its nest and hope and pray for the mom to show up (while we are in for the night of course!!) At least the smart mom bunny made the nest just inside the dog yard that our dogs never use, at least in the summer. So, it is a somewhat protected location from predators of the non-domestic variety.


Never dreamed it was illegal which instantly convinced my boys, in spite of their significant attachment, that we need to do the right thing and return it.


So, Becca, we won't be raising it like your friend, I am not that brave! Just pray that mamma comes back, the site said she would check every nite for a week.


Tommorrow we are off to the county fair, a couple of counties over, for the 8 am rabbit show. It is a pretty rural county. Me, a hopeless city girl who would really rather be sleeping at 6:30am instead of travelling to unknown territory to look at bunnies!! But I love my boys and we have been talking about bunnies, ducks, and chickens for a couple of years.

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