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SAR Agility Obstacles

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I was out in my garge today working on acouple of new SAR agility obstacles.

And I thought to myself that this might be a intresting topic to post.


If you build your own Agility obstacles either it be for Agility or SAR training,

post pics of ur equipment up.



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I finished working on one of my training obstacles.



Side View



Front View



Back View



Top View looking down.



Both sides have eye lets for a quick link. Using rope now, didnt have time to go to

the hardware store to get the right length of chain.



View from the front looking up, to show how high this obstacle is.

You can also see the other quick link location.



The last but not least. The top is connected and held together by two

securley place bolts.

Kind of had some bad weather today, the obstacle got wet.


If u would like the plans for this obstacle PM me.

Will update again when I get done building

the Scale wall.



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Good work. Looks like you put some good effort into that. I've never built any agility equiptment myself but I've been looking for plans on homeade dog agility equiptment. Have you taken your dog to a search and rescue camp for SAR dogs? I did with my lab and there is a lot to experience.

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