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Sally is making herself right at home.

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Hayley has been sick with strep and having trouble with her camera, so I thought I would give the Sally update. She is fitting right in at home, just a few issues but nothing major, I will let Hayley elaborate on those.


Sally came over to my house to visit today. She got to meet Roxie and my two kiddos. She is the sweetest calmest dog, I wonder if it will rub on on the two furry monsters at all.


I got a few pictures today, but when the camera came up they all came running to sit for treats. LOL This is what I got.





In order: Sally, Roxie, Gus



Sally, Roxie



The Three Stoodges


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I'm baaaaaackk! Sally and Gus got to cuddle extra with me down sick for a few days. Thanks Holl for posting the pictures, those turned out great! Sally is all happy tails, and is making herself right at home. She even licked my face yesterday. I have had to pick up all the chews in the house that Gus hoards because of some resource guarding, and there have been a few accidents but all and all it had been fantastic. I had to miss my meeting with the trainer because of being sick, but we'll do that soon to make sure I work with her in the right way. I'm sticking with the petting, exercise, stinky treats and more petting.


We are very glad we have her, she is a great little addition to our family. The cats are happy that there is a dog in the house that just stares and doesn't chase them. Gus still will chase, Sally just looks.

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Congratulations! Looks like a great group of pups you both have! How lucky you are that your family appreciates your interests. :rolleyes: My family thinks I'm a little bit like the crazy dog lady, but I know that my Mom (secretly, of course, because my Dad is not fond of dogs) would have one of my dogs in an instant. Great pics!

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