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I broke my border collie

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It depends on how deep the cut/tear is and how much it is bothering her. If it has a chunk of pad missing or hanging, you will want to have it looked it at by a vet. If the injury seems to consist mostly of abrasions, you should clean the wounds out with soapy water and apply antiseptic of some kind. I have occasionally wrapped the injured paws with gauze after applying neopsporin (which the dogs love, as you can imagine :rolleyes:). Usually, if the wounds aren't too serious, I clean and sanitize and then spray liquid bandage on them. I would probably try to protect the pads until they heal, if you can (avoid abrasive surfaces such as sidewalks and roads and stick to grassy areas).


I hope Sienna feels better soon.

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You need to watch those foot wounds, especially torn/cut pads.


If there is a slice, or cut, take your pup into the vet so they can treat the wound, it may need stitches. If the pad has been worn away, I would still take it on into the vet to have it bandaged and cleaned. There are so many things to worry about with torn pads, and bandaging them...not getting the bandage too tight, getting it clean enough, making sure it is wrapped properly. I'd also prescribe some crate rest for several days,and nothing strenuous...feet need time to heal properly.


The main thing is to avoid infection and get it healed as soon as possible. Hope your pup is doing ok!

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If the pad is torn, they won't do stiches. At least they didn't do it last year for Ouzo when he had a pretty big slice half torn... emergency vet visit (it HAD to happen on a Sunday afternoon, of course), $200 after hard negotiation, and all we got was a clean up of the wound and some Rymadil for pain - wrong dosage, too :rolleyes: . We bought some emergency supplies from a Walgreens, and banaged him ourselves. The next day we went to the regular vet, who also refused to stitch him up, explaining it would just break his stitches when he steps on the foot. The vet had to cut off (brrr!) the part of the pad that was sticking out. Ouch! Live! Poor pup! They try to put a cone thing on him, and it realy pissed off Ouzo :D We had to watch him like hawks for two weeks, and it finally healed up.


As Deb says, that's when Ouzo got a taste of Neosporin. A year later, he still loves it and comes to lick us if he smells it on us :D He also checks and licks his paws when he smells Neosporin, to make sure it's not coming from him :D A couple of weeks ago I caught him laying confortable in the livingroom, with a full size tube of Neosporin between his paws, licking it like an icecream! He had stollen it from the bathroom counter! (That reminds me: he might have a substance abuse problem.....)


He continues to mess up his pads every so often but not to the extent of bleeding or vet visits.... Hydrogen peroxide and neosporin take care of any boo-boo in a couple of days.


I hope Sienna gets to feel better soon! Give her a hug from me! :D

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