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It's been a while since I last posted about Gypsy. And lots has been happening.


She's all healed up now from her spay, there's only a little pink scar where the incision was. It goes right through one of her belly spots and it's kind of lopsided now, but other than that, she's the same old Gypsy... (I don't know whether that's good or not :D)


A few weeks ago we headed up to the cabin for Gypsy's first ever lake trip! She was absolutely LOVING it... that is, until she had some ultra-zoomies and tried jumping up all three steps onto the deck - smashing her left rear leg in the process. I honestly thought she'd broken it, and it was only a few hours into our trip! Luckily we had my cell phone, and called the after-hours emergency vet in the nearby town (by nearby I mean a good 25 mins away). Following her directions, we bent her leg and poked around and determined she'd only (luckily) hurt it pretty badly. She wouldn't put any weight on it for the next 2 days, but then she woke up on day 3 and was back to normal. It was very scary at the time though, things like that make you realize just how much our little 4 legged friends mean to us.


We got her dog license since she's now over 6 months, it came free for a year with her adoption. While we were in the shelter, I noticed that there was still one of the same puppies there that had been there even before Gypsy's litter was. It's a tri shepherd cross female. I think the litter came in when they were 2 months old - she's now 11 months :D And she's starting to get aggressive/protective of the kennel she's in - barking and growling with hackles up when we walked past. http://www.darcysarc.ca/asm/745.jpg I'm sure she'd be fine once she gets a home of her own though.


Gypsy was famous! Well.. not quite :D But every Saturday, the Winnipeg Free Press runs a pet section, and you can send in a picture of your pet with a blurb and if they like it they'll publish the best one. And sure enough, a couple Saturdays ago I opened up the paper to see Gyspy staring back at me! :D


I got a job for the summer working for the government in the Manitoba Health and Social Services Centre. Just doing reception and other odd jobs, but it'll help me get through school so I'm fine with it. Although it means I don't get to see Gypsy and Nick as much as I'd like. But I can buy them treats to make up for it :D


With my first paycheck I bought a new digital camera (see link) and a Furminator! I really wanted a good brush and after seeing the videos on the product site and hearing everyone's opinions on here, I paid the 40 some dollars for it... And it was worth every penny! Who would've thought that Gypsy was hiding a whole other dog inside that little coat of hers!


Today little Miss Piggy decided that it would be a good idea to sneak downstairs and wolf down as much dog food as she could possibly fit in her stomach. :rolleyes: When I saw her first she was acting strange, stretching a lot and looking uncomfortable. Then her stomach started swelling... and swelling and swelling! I could actually feel a bulge where it came out past her ribcage - and she's a lean dog! When I fed her supper (unknowing of the piggy's sneaky snack) and she only ate half, I thought she was dying or something! I mean, this is the most food motivated dog in the world, and she left half her dinner! I was about to start freaking out and take her in to the vet's, when my mom said that someone had gotten into the dog food downstairs. :D I should've known. Other than puking up a bit of half digested kibble and not being able to lie down comfortably, she's fine.


I think that's about it for the update... Serves me right for neglecting to post for a while. :D I wonder if anyone actually got through the whole thing? :D

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